About Us

About Us

page1_pic1Bahrain Aqualife Centre W.L.L, was established in 1985.

Our ability to meet customer needs with good quality products from selected reputable international manufacturers, marine livestock, aquarium installation & maintenance service programmes, has accounted for our consistent growth. We have established a unique reputation for promoting the welfare of our livestock from collection, through to handling & shipping. Our team members include biologists, technicians, & trained service staff that enable us to provide you with the most current information & technical support to translate your aquatic concepts into reality. We take great pride in significant contribution that we are making to the aquarists in Arabian Gulf Region.

We are committed to preserving and protecting the natural reef resources and ecological balance and so we make every attempt to purchase our livestock from certified and reputable collectors and breeders in addition to our own few species in-house breeding. Where captive-bred species are available, we will select them over their wild-caught counterparts. We understand that this may at times increase the cost; however the benefit to you will be a healthier specimen that is already accustomed to aquarium environment. This is our policy to reduce destructive collection practices and promote greater interest in captive husbandry. We also do not use natural reef rocks and corals for aquascaping in the larger custom design aquariums that we set up, instead we use synthetic reef rocks and corals that are beautiful and durable with a natural-appearance; environmentally friendly and will enhance any marine exhibit without the unnecessary harvesting of natural living reefs.

In collaboration with our international manufacturers of acrylic and artificial corals, we offer a complete professional care and management programme for your new aquarium project, from initial design, fabrication and installation, to placement of aquatic livestock. Our in-house biologists and trained service staff will establish a regimented aquarium service and maintenance schedule. Simply feed your fish and admire your new piece of living art.

We offer a network of aquarium set-up and maintenance service programmes throughout the Arabian Gulf Region. We are the resource you have been searching for to meet your custom design aquarium needs. Our reputation for unique aquariums, design, craftsmanship and service is unrivalled and has satisfied hobbyists, commercial businesses and distinguished home owners throughout the Arabian Gulf Region.

Senior Management

1 Aamer Al-Alawi - Chairman Tel.No: +973 36696563, Fax No: +973 17732770, Email: aamer@baqualife.com
2 Dr. Hameed Al-Alawi - Aquatic Consultant Tel.No: +973 17732773, Fax No: +973 17732770, Email: dr.hameed@baqualife.com


Our Mission

To promote environmentally responsible saltwater aquarium keeping and assist our clients in becoming successful hobbyists while at the same time, educating, entertaining and encouraging the awareness and protection of our fragile coral reefs environment.

A beautiful aquarium does not happen overnight, they are an evolution and a labour of love. We are unique in turnkey project, from trade coordination to design, construction and installation; we provide quality hand-caught saltwater fish, and full-line accessories. With our international acrylic manufacturer, not only we custom design best acrylic aquarium money can buy; we also put together an elite, fully custom state of the art life support system for long term sustainability and ease of maintenance.

Our Vision

To give you our true and unbiased opinion on all aspect of your aquatic project for long term satisfaction, and provide our clients with high quality products from the international reputable suppliers and aquacultures that we represent.