Healpful Tips

Acrylic vs Glass Aquariums

Caring for Acrylic:

For caring and cleaning, there is very little difference in the care of Acrylic and Glass aquarium. The outside of Acrylic needs to be cleaned with a safe cleaner (free from ammonia) and a clean soft cloth.  The inside surfaces can be cleaned with non abrasive pads. Magnet cleaners are good, only if both surfaces of the magnet are covered with non abrasive material.

Care must be taken when cleaning the inside surface, not to pick up any grains of gravel that could scratch the inside surface. If your magnet drops on the gravel, rinse it under a strong flow of tap water before using again.


Due to the way in which acrylic aquariums are made and chemically bonded, they are one continuous piece of material whereas glass aquariums are made of several pieces of glass bonded together with silicone. The points at which the glass is joined are the weakest points of the aquarium because the silicone will show sign of weakness with age, whereas the acrylic will be stronger because it lacks these joints and the seams are stronger than the acrylic itself.
However, do not worry too much about the silicone which is holding the aquarium together will fail, but do worry about something smashing in to it and cracking the glass. It would be near impossible to smash or crack an acrylic aquarium, meaning it would be a much better choice for busy environments, such as a bank, clinic, shopping mall, hotel’s lobby, bar, or night club and restaurants.

Acrylic is less than half the weight of glass but is 17 times stronger than glass. Acrylic aquariums are very durable and won’t crack or break like glass can. On the other hand it is true that acrylic can scratch, but the scratches are easily buffed out of acrylic without having to remove the fish or water. If you are careful with cleaning, you should not have any problems.


Acrylic has a transparency rating of 93%, which is as clear as optical glass. In fact acrylic passes the most light of any known material.

The view through acrylic is far greater because there is less distortion than in glass. Seawater and acrylic have almost the same refractive light index. This allows your vision of the aquatic life inside to be as realistic as possible and your fish will look sharper and brighter. In the past some acrylic materials used to acquire a yellowish tint with age, however, with today’s improved technology acrylic will remain crystal clear if proper care is taken when cleaning algae off the surfaces.

Shape and Design:

Because of the way it is molded, acrylic can be formed into any shape or size of aquarium whereas glass has many limitations. Shapes like cylinders, hexagons, and pentagons create a more decorative look. This enhances what is already a living piece of art even further.

With our acrylic manufacturer we are able to custom design and install your aquarium to your exact requirement and specification, which makes it a very stylish option and part of your interior living art design.


In general smaller acrylic aquariums are more expensive than glass aquariums. It depends on the size of the aquarium and its shape. The larger the aquarium the more cost effective acrylic becomes and the warranty is better on acrylic aquariums.  Most glass aquariums are warranted for 90 days up to six month. Our custom design acrylic aquarium in most cases, under normal condition is warranted for the life of the original owner against leakage due to defect in the material or workmanship.

Acrylic aquarium is a great investment that will long outlive glass aquarium, while being more functional and decorative. Aquariums are a great addition to any home or business. They have the unique ability to capture the attention of every passerby and allow them a small escape from the hustle and bustle of life!