Healpful Tips

Being a Responsible Aquarist

The Three Golden Rules that will make you a better and more responsible aquarist!

(1) Educate Your Self, by reading at least a couple of the many good books and references available on aquarium and pond keeping. The sad truth is that most hobbyists give up within a year. Most of those unfortunate ones have never bothered to read a book or two to educate them selves about this therapeutic and living art hobby. Don't cut corners; First explore what it is all about, to find out not only what you need to buy, but also what lies beyond your probably incomplete assumptions. You will soon discover a wide diversity of fishes and invertebrates that far exceed your original aims and ambitions, and you will want to learn how to keep these species looking at their best in a splendid aquarium. Education is the key to successful aquarium keeping.

(2) Exercise Self Control, now that you have got some education, is the fish you are planning to buy compatible with the ones you already have? Or you know that your aquarium is full, then why are you buying another fish? When in doubt please ask. 

(3) Be responsible, You can Play a Significant Role in preventing the invasion of exotic species by NOT DUMPING any species from your aquarium or pond into our natural water resources, be responsible and help us to protect our marine and freshwater environments from the RISK and PROBLEMS associated with the introduction of unwanted and/or non-native (ALIEN) species. If you do not want your fish or plants, please consult us before dumping them we will help.